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The Economic Situation is placing more and more demands on hard pressed Training Providers and their Assessors. Whenever Students lack specific Skills or Knowledge, then it is becoming ever more difficult to devote satisfactory resources - time particularly - to address those skills shortfalls.

To help to address those shortfalls, SKILLscan links targeted eLearning Modules to the Units assessed by a Student, to halp the Student to address those shortfalls. SKILLscan can then measure the resulting increase in skills and knowledge - for an individual or a group.

How does it work?

  • First, the Student takes an assessment, using the exact Qualification that they are working towards; this identifies their skills and weaknesses and also provides a Skills Rating (in the form of a percentage) for the Qualification as a whole, and for each Unit assessed.
  • Next, for those Units where there are skill/knowledge shortfalls, the Student can access a range of closely targeted eLearning Modules at the click of a button.
  • Finally the Student takes another assessment to re-measure their skills and knowledge and - equally importantly - measure the impact of the eLearning.

To check out a video on how this system works, please click here.


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